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Traffic violations

Let's face it, no one likes to get a traffic ticket. And they like it even less if they have to go to court to fight it.


I can go to court for you. Based on years of experience and knowledge, I would look for reasons to have your ticket dismissed.  If unable to get it dismissed, then I negotiate to have the points waived and try to get the smallest penalty possible. The results depend on a combination of what you are charged with, who the Judge is, and your driving record.  The better the driving record, the better the sentence that is usually imposed.


You can go to court yourself, but you may have to make two court appearances, waiting an hour or more each time.  Some tickets require a court appearance.  If your ticket is the result of an accident with Serious Bodily Injury or Death, a mandatory court appearance is required.  Speeding greater than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit is another example.  With the hiring of an attorney, your attorney can attend that mandatory court requirement without you having to be present.


There may be technical reasons to have the ticket thrown out.  Did the officer charge the correct offense, did he meet all his or her deadlines and was the ticket brought to trial within the correct amount of time.  These are some of the reasons that I look at to see if the ticket can get tossed.


I have successfully represented thousands of clients who were charged with Speeding, running Stop Signs and Red Lights, Careless Driving, Improper Passing, and Failure to Maintain a Single Lane; to name just a few.


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