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suspended or revoked license

You have to have a driver's license to drive, right?  True, but many people are forced to drive with a suspended license because they need to make a living and to support their families.


The two most common ways to get your license suspended, is because of forgetfulness and lack of money. People get tickets and forget about them.  Then in 30 days, the DHSMV suspends them for failing to pay (or fight) them within a timely manner. By not having enough money, people fail to pay their tickets, insurance, and even child   support.  When not paid, again, the DHSMV will suspend your license.


When someone finally remembers to pay or finally has enough money, they may have racked up extra costs or charges (like Driving While License Suspended).


I can help by petitioning the Court to lower some of those costs, remove from collections, or have the case set back on track to fight.


Sometimes so much time has gone by and so many suspensions have accumulated that a person becomes designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).  This results in a 5 year revocation, and high risk insurance requirements.  Under certain circumstances this suspension can be revisited in the court and even removed; saving on insurance premiums, costs, and suspension time.


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